Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Stop at the Pavilion

Dear All,

pardon my recent inactivity in my blog due to the whole string of assignment deadlines to meet and the increased addiction to computer games to celebrate the dawn of the holidays :) Just began on my last assignment (PCG 511) by hiking at MacRitchie after the heavy downpour yesterday, and realised that I did not like hiking as much as compared to my JC times. Wonder what the overdose of sedentary lifestyle of siting in front of the computer has done to me?
Will try to hand in this last assignment by Friday which I am confident of fiting it into the pigeon hole. This will truly mark the end of the first semester in NIE and on my way to rest and recuperate in terms of enjoying the holidays and reviving the habit of sleeping and waking up late. Yah, what a unhealthy lifestyle, it seems but laziness prevails, I guess. Just to have a nice closure, here is my farming game template for the farmers found under the links section.