Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Slight Detour...

1 week school experience
Day 1:
did not start well at all, I was late for the appointed time though I made it to the mornin g assembly on time because the bus that came past are all full, was quite angry at SMRTfor sending two single decker buses that just went passed... whoosh. Shouldn't they be using double decker buses at peak hours knowing that there are like 5 schools within that vicinity ie 1km radius?

Concidentally, all the lessons I am observing on Monday are geography lectures, so in a way not very interesting since I am just sitting there observing the lecture, looking forward to the tutorials instead. For the JC2, it was revision and the JC1 are doing coast. The content is overwhelming for 'A' level geography which actually quite deterred ,e from teaching geography in JC level, much prefer the secondary level.

Day 2:
much better, took a different bus via a different route and since it was a double decker, of course I reached the school early. After all, the journey was like ten minutes, slightly longer than my trip to NUS, wow. Started off with a guest lecture on an economic topic-privatisation, and then went to observe a project work class which is great in giving me an idea of what the project work as a JC subject is all about. The fun starts when I began to interact with some groups while the teacher interacts with the other groups. That was the only time when the times flies and I found myself staying back volunteerily to explain a bit further even though the last period has ended, so was the teacher. I simply ignored the bell! So what I did was to offer them advice especially on organisation and structure. The students' appendices and citations were done wrongly and most of the groups exceed the word limit, so I just gave them some ideas on how to improve on it and emphasise the importance of it especially in research in higher learning eg university.

Tomorrow should be nice. 1. It is a short day. 2. There are economics and geography tutorials for observation. Sadly, I would have to wait till Friday for an economics lecture.


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