Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Progress in the journey...

This week's micro-teaching provides a lot of guiding points and I think the most relevant for me is compromising. When do teachers compromise, how much to compromise and is it effective?

First, I saw it in Sukhairan's class where he did not impose certain punishment that he had given out. While initially, I thought that may undermine his authority in the future but from what Felicia had said, this is a good strategy to appease students and since Sukhairan had told the students to see him after class, I think that would be the time where he establishes his authority fully.

Next, in Run Er's class, she ignore certain disturbances in the class and in forever in that goody mood which actually dampen the mood of those 'trouble-makers' by refusing to be their audience. In this sense, she compromise the slight disturbances for a longer duration of peace and she would not waste time on disciplining the class. However, I wonder if it the students may actually take the chance to escalate into something more serious especially for attention seekers.

It is really tough to decide on this issue because it is hard to decipher if the involved students will see compromise as a weakness for further exploitation or as a respect for individuals.


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