Thursday, September 16, 2004


Day 3,
yeah, got to experience economic tutorials which are more interesting since you actually got to observe more classroom management issues. I did not notice why my cooperating teacher was moving around in the classroom until I realised that she always walk to the opposite end of the students who are asked to present in order to hear if the students spoke loudly enough for the whole class to hear. Also, I noticed that she seldom spoon-fed, rather she prompted for answers

As for geography, it was another lecture. However, it was held in a classroom setting with about 10+ students so it was pretty much like a tutorial setting. The teacher related a lot of things taught in the class to past lectures and concepts learnt and most of the time, he asked for the answers.

Learning point: There is more and more student participation in class, rather than the traditional one way teacher-to-students talk.

Day 4,
my cooperating teacher is very helpful, asking me what I have learnt, felt and any feedback I had. I have visited all the 3 economic classes she taught and noticed the different styles that she conducted in classes even though the topics covered were the same ie going through the MCQs in the same topic or same essay question. More than that, she pointed out that she gave different treatment she gave to different classes with different learning abilities as well as from different streams.

For example, she is more strict with a class where their economic knowledge is not as good by demanding that all the students hand in their essay outlines and meted out punishments for those who did not hand in. As for the academically better class, she does not made essay outlines mandatory because the knowledge were all in their heads and they could present their stuffs in class. (I agreed with that because it would be a waste of time to ask the students to do that, no need to add stress to students). Another interesting she said was she did not scold Arts students directly because they are more emotional so instead she used emotions to win them over eg I am so upset that you did not do your homework. But for the Science students, she would ask them to stand in the class and present parts of the answers so that they can sit down and mentioned that it is because the Science students would not take the scoldings to heart but would neither respond to the teacher's emotions, contrary to the Arts students.


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