Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Back on track...

Back to NIE again after a week of school experience, felt like new to NIE.

This week's micro teachings were pretty different. On Monday, there was role playing in the form of students acting out a script while on Tuesday, there is mainly teacher centred learning with some group work. In a way, they are refreshing.

I am still waiting for a full teacher centred lesson but I guess none of my peers would be doing so. All of us somehow always have group work for students to do but I guess that is easier to spend the time during micro-teaching and is in line with the shift towards collaborative learning. However, I believed that in real schools and classrooms, there are still many occasions where the teaching method is going to be teacher centred. But I guess that is so traditional and perhaps boring that none of my peers is going to do it as part of their micro-teaching. Pearl's lesson is the closest to a full teacher centred learning style except for the group worksheet. I was internally hoping for a full teacher centred lesson but it did not turn out that way. Would really like to observe what would possibly happen since that is highly likely in the real world. I mean the teacher is not always going to have group work in a class of 30 students and for efficiency and practical purposes, teacher centred learning is going to happen with at most some class participation but not necessarily group work.

Frankly speaking, perhaps due to the magic number of 12 students in the class, I am getting quite sick of the 3 groups of 4 students (I am guilty of it as well). It is like so predictable in every micro-teaching. Wonder what are possible ways to involve groupworks with 12 students if student centred learning is used.

Lastly, kudos to all who always managed to think of problems to 'shock' the 'teachers' and even more so to the 'teachers' who often managed to resolve the problems in ingenius ways.


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