Monday, August 30, 2004

Walking Along...

My general thoughts after today's micro-teaching on population geography

1. Thanks to the whole class. The 'stuffs' that cropped up never fail to amaze me. There are always new things no matter how prepared one is.

2. My English still need polishing.... made some pronunciation and grammatical errors.

3. Was anticipating certain uncooperative behaviours but everything turns out quite ok. Guess I may try them out in the micro-teaching in future lessons when the opportunity arises. :p

4. I will post up my lesson plan and activty sheets after I have done some amendments, just give me some time.

5. I hope the class do not mind me spelling out their names in their contributions. But if there is, just inform me.

A. Instructional clarity
- need to thank Felicia's group for pointing out the ambiguous questions in the worksheet for the role under population geographers, will be changing that.

B. Actual teaching/discussion with the class
- Felicia was answering my questions posed to her in the class and she was pausing while giving her answers which I misunderstood her being finished with her answers. Was glad that she pointed out to me to let her finish speaking --> I need to give more wait time to students for articulating the complete answer.

C. Classroom management
- think today's class' behaviour was average, not much 'big problem' except for Run Er's incident which could disrupt the class if not handled properly
- as for Emmanuel's speaking mandarin, I thought it did not really disrupt the class 'that much' nor had any ethnic issues yet and so I choose to ignore
-the same goes for Ling Min's case when she is reading a book for a while alone. It was only when I saw her beginning to interact with Sukhairan that I just pointed out to her that 'hey I know what you are doing, do not overdo it and disturb other people

MY Philosophy/Beliefs in Teaching
A. Knowledge & Learning
- had always believed that knowledge is constructed by Man and that there is not always a one right or wrong answer and so I am quite open minded about answers. There is only not useful answers in a certain context but not useless ones.
- always believe that it create a deeper impact on a person when he/she discovers his/her own mistake and not through other people's telling him/her that, without sufficient justification, especially in adolescents.

B. Discipline & Classroom Management
- it is very unlikly that one can have a whole class listen or be well-behaved all the times, therefore I have a sub-optimal solution and that is, I need to have the majority of the class with me at least. Do not feel economical wasting everyone's time for one person, which explains why I ignore certain individual disruptions at times.
- however if there is a serious displinary problem, I would then follow up by seeing that student one on one after class to find out more, better to waste 2 persons' time than the whole class'. Moreover, I may be able to shed light on his/her problems and moltivate the student to pay more attention in class in future ie waste time to save time but albeit the student's and my time not the class' time.
- I can allow individuals not to pay attention at times as well as minor distractions but I would intervene if the actions goes over the limit. For example, if I notice a student dozing off or reading a magazine without disturbing other students, then I would not intervene at firsthand. However, say after 5-10 minutes, I would. My rationale is that there should be mutual respect and that students should learn how to give and take --> if the teacher is considerate enough to let you rest for a while, then as the student, you should be considerate enough to pay attention to the teacher after you have taken the rest --> principle of reciprocity

Well folks, that all for now. Will update further after I have reviewed the cd. Will add in a few points in Angeline's Teaching Dictionary but need time. Loads of assignments to hand in this and next week.


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It's not MY teaching dictionary lah. =) The whole class is supposed to own it. - Angel

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